7 Business Apps to Save Time in Your Modern Accounting Firm

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Business Apps

No one can do it all. That includes accounting firm partners, accountants, and bookkeepers who are transitioning from a traditional accounting firm to a modern accounting practice. Thankfully, there are apps that save time and automate tasks so you can concentrate on serving your clients. Once you have developed

How CPAs can Offer Additional Services to their Clients

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How CPAs can Offer Additional Services to their Clients – – >

A modern CPA accounting firm offers their clients more than just tax preparation.

Businesses need additional services all year long regarding their day-to-day operations and their planning for the short and long-term future.

There are many ways to offer additional services. Two

How to Communicate so Your Team Feels Good about Change

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changeWhenever the partners of an accounting firm are gathered together behind closed doors, often the rest of the accounting team wonders, “What are they talking about? What are they deciding? How is this going to affect me?”  

And sometimes – if there is a bit more paranoia – they wonder if another

You are Ridiculously in Charge

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You are Ridiculously in Charge


We don’t like to think of ourselves as fenced in, hemmed in, cooped up, or confined.  But the truth is that boundaries are a good thing, especially for leaders. As Dr. Henry Cloud describes in his book, Boundaries for Leaders, the leader of a firm is “ridiculously in charge.” If you don’t like the way something is happening

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