Create Project Efficiency with Karbon

23 minutes. Statistically, it takes twenty-three minutes to fully refocus after a task interruption. How many times a day are you distracted searching for specific client emails, forwarding updates, or answering project questions? Are you spending more time refocusing on tasks than completing them? Master project efficiency with Karbon!

Create Project Efficiency with Karbon

Karbon is the time management solution you need. I feel like I should mention that I’m also a trainer for Karbon, however, I accepted that role after I discovered the benefits its application had on myself and my firm.

Whether you’re a small or large firm, utilizing Karbon connects team members and unifies collaborative work in one location. Time is no longer wasted tracking or requesting communication because everyone has access to project updates, internal notes, and email correspondence. Onboarding and client communication have never been more efficient or more organized since team members can access and update a client’s digital file at any time.

Checklists can be used to assign deadlines and accountability; a quick glance determines if the task is ready to begin, in progress, or complete.

Karbon’s customizable templates allow a steady workflow for every project type.

With today’s increase in remote and virtual work, teams can quickly determine where a project stands regardless of time or location differences.

Missing documentation? Waiting for a response? Auto-reminders keep clients and team members accountable to maintain project flow.

Karbon also provides managers and executives oversight control without adding unnecessary check-in meetings. While this feature is beneficial for seasoned employees, it’s also helpful in tracking new employee progress and understanding.

Notably, Karbon’s standardization allows new team members to smoothly transition into new projects and get caught up to speed in a few clicks, rather than days of searching and questioning. With today’s unpredictability, this ease of collaboration is essential.

Consolidating tasks and communications in one area provides the opportunity to recognize concerns or delays before they become larger problems. Likewise, progress reports generate crucial analytics applicable to current and future project success.

Though we at Caldwell Consulting & Training utilize Karbon for new projects and recurring tasks: bookkeeping, accounting, and monthly reconciliations, the scope of services are relevant for any size firm and project.

Reclaim your twenty-three minutes lost from distractions and exchange it for twenty-three minutes of productivity.

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