How to ADAPT with CAUSE in the Workplace

How to ADAPT with CAUSE in the Workplace

Over the past several months, we seem to have collectively gone from panic to acceptance. As it became apparent that quarantines, masks, and social distancing weren’t a short-term disruption, we’ve started settling into new routines. In this blog learn How to ADAPT with CAUSE in the Workplace!

Not only has Covid-19 forced us to re-evaluate our own health, but it’s also demanded that we re-evaluate our work environments. From remote staffing to new safety implementations, our workspaces look- and feel- different.

While we’re making viable adaptations, there are new considerations to address to ensure our business, and employees, are supported to thrive during continued uncertainty.

As employers, it’s essential that we implement plans to ADAPT:

ACCOMMODATE: Do you have guidelines for employees with children with remote schooling? How do you handle employees who need to care for sick loved ones?

DESIGNATE: What is the new chain of order if an employee gets sick, needs to quarantine, or cannot perform their daily tasks due to Covid-19?

ACCESS: How is virtual and digital fatigue affecting performance? How is the staff maintaining a team comradery while socially distancing?

PLAN AHEAD: Are systems in place for utilizing financial reserves? What changes need to occur to maintain or increase cash flow?

TRANSPARENCY: Do employees understand new policies or expectations? Are employees concerned about potential job loss? How much information do employees need to feel secure in the future of the company?

In the same regards, employees are under additional mental stress not only through workplace changes but adjustments at home as well.

By implementing CAUSE, employees are more confident and capable of success:

CONNECT: Explore unique virtual methods (card games, cooking classes) for teambuilding.

AWARENESS: Is your employer aware of your personal circumstances? Do you need flexibility in hours, location, or workload? Ensure your managers are aware of what you need to succeed.

UTILIZE: Use workplace resources and co-workers for additional support and expertise.

SUPPORT: Strengthen emotional health and immunity by incorporating exercise, relaxation, and healthy foods into a daily routine.

EVALUATE: Examine your workspace (in-office or remote)- do you have everything you need to work most efficiently?

 ADAPT with CAUSE in the Workplace

Although we aren’t entirely certain of the next changes sure to arise, working to ADAPT and with CAUSE smooths transitions from reactive to proactive.

Even amidst uncertainty, there is room to thrive. Let Caldwell Consulting & Training navigate a strategic plan to grow your accounting firm. Contact us at or email Follow me on LinkedIn here!