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It’s Time to Take Time

It's Time to Take Time

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and wondered just how many days it would take to get your one day’s list completed?

It’s Time to Take Time – Have you ever thought that cloning would be a great thing (until you thought about how you would drive yourself crazy if there were two of you in the same room!??!)? Then you know what I’m thinking about this morning.

Here are some thoughts that help me stay a bit sane- perhaps they’ll help you, too.

First, let’s disconnect.

We are connected 24/7/365, whether we are on vacation or not. We need to take time off. Unplug. Completely. Turn off the notifications on your phone, iPad, and computer. Put the phone down – face down. Step away and do whatever it is you need (or want) to do. Just be unplugged doing it.

Second, take time for yourself.

It is ok to say no to others, so you can say yes to yourself sometimes. Get your nails done, take a walk by yourself, exercise, sleep in, enjoy lunch with a friend, do a craft – whatever it is that recharges you is worth the time and effort. It will pay dividends in the long run.

Third, write some things down that are on your mind.

Yes, pen and paper are fantastic tools and can still be found (likely in the back of that drawer in your kitchen!). There is something about writing that can help to clarify your thoughts. If it’s a to-do list, great. If it’s a journal, great. Just do some writing. Nobody has to see it and you never have to read it again if you don’t want to.

Fourth, prioritize important tasks and then do something toward getting it done.

It is such an amazing feeling to see results when you have a goal in front of you. It will help build momentum, get you excited, and help you feel like what you’re doing matters. (This is why the debt snowball works so well!)

Fifth, get quiet.

Some will call it meditation, prayer or thoughtfulness. But take time to be quiet and think. Dwell on some good things. Count your blessings. Be thankful. Think about positive, uplifting situations and circumstances.

Lastly, get some exercise.

I know not everyone likes to sweat or exercise. But it doesn’t have to be torture. Go for a walk. Ride a bike. Hike a mountain. Ski. Just move! We all know that exercise helps us physically, but there are so many studies that tell us that exercise is one of the best things for our mental health as well. It truly can change your outlook and who doesn’t need a few more good hormones running through their blood?

We are a whole being- not just a parent, friend, business person or spouse.

We are ALL these things and they ALL need to be nurtured. Unplug. Take time for yourself. Write. Get quiet. Exercise. Let’s take the time to take some time.

About Carla

Carla Caldwell is the founder and CEO of Caldwell Consulting & Training. She strategically guides accounting teams to become a modern practice.

Carla works with accounting firms to implement the tools and processes that help them be more successful. Focusing on the strategic goals of the firm, she provides coaching to individual leaders in the organization that may be transitioning from “doer” to leader. These leaders learn Carla’s systematic approach to implementing change in the accounting services team whether they are revamping processes to fully utilize the team, or implement apps to fulfill their goals and scale the business unit. Learn more about Caldwell Consulting & Training.

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