You made it through April 15, now talk to your clients

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You made it through April 15th now talk to your clients - hand pushing communication button

You made it through April 15, now talk to your clients

Many small businesses who work with accountants have been telling me they are often very surprised about their tax bill. There is much frustration over how much they owe. Of course, the

Practice Ignition Nominates Top 50 Women in Accounting

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Practice Ignition did a poll to find out who were the top women in the accounting industry.

They wanted to know about mentors who encouraged other women to be the very best they could be. I am truly honored to be nominated. Thank you to the Practice Ignition team for including me in this very special project.

Being a

7 Business Apps to Save Time in Your Modern Accounting Firm

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Business Apps

No one can do it all. That includes accounting firm partners, accountants, and bookkeepers who are transitioning from a traditional accounting firm to a modern accounting practice. Thankfully, there are apps that save time and automate tasks so you can concentrate on serving your clients. Once you have developed

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