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Practice Ignition Nominates Top 50 Women in Accounting


Practice Ignition did a poll to find out who were the top women in the accounting industry.

They wanted to know about mentors who encouraged other women to be the very best they could be. I am truly honored to be nominated. Thank you to the Practice Ignition team for including me in this very special project.

Being a part of a group of influential women makes me think about what we can do to help the industry and the people working in it. It’s important that we encourage others to progress and change for the better.

Help others find their value.

At a recent presentation, I challenged accountants to think about their value and not undercharge for what they do. During the conference, one CPA was so inspired that he responded to a prospect with an increase in his price AND signed the deal! It is this type of encouragement and challenge that will continue to move accounting professionals to think differently (and better!) about what they do. As accounting professionals learn how to automate their practices using technology, they can more effectively advise their clients- which is going to make them more money, too!

Do what you love.

One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing accountants get excited about what they do and help their clients’ businesses grow. Accountants are super-smart people and helping them find ways to communicate their value is exhilarating! I am fortunate that I get to work with my amazing colleagues each day to improve our profession.

Our accomplishments can be helping other women succeed.

My biggest accomplishments involve helping others to reach their goals. Whether it’s a CPA or bookkeeping firm moving to a fixed fee/value pricing model and automating routine tasks, my own team of professionals wanting to work part or full-time on meaningful work, or helping my own small business clients to fulfill their own mission, I find that in helping them succeed, I am fulfilled.

Mentors matter.

I encourage other women in business to find a great mentor. I have a couple, but the one that I work with almost weekly is my business coach, Chris Oakley. He is a great encourager, but he also challenges me and does not allow me to settle or get comfortable. I also have a couple of women that I meet with regularly for strategic planning and accountability. Finding great women to encourage me, and for me to encourage them, has proven to be game-changing for all of us. We have each seen great results from these meetings, with us growing our businesses, having even more confidence, and fulfilling the idea that Iron Sharpens Iron!

The industry should support women to be leaders.

It is important that the industry continue to highlight the flexibility and value of our work using technology. We need to remind accounting professionals that they don’t have to necessarily be the head of EY or Deloitte to be a leader. When we provide mentoring and coaching between current leaders and young women we give an invaluable asset to the next generation, and there is room for all women to be even stronger together.

Again, thank you to Practice Ignition for this great honor, and I look forward to celebrating the Top Women in Accounting!

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