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Grow your business through events like QuickBooks Connect.

Carla Caldwell at QuickBooks Conference

The November 2018 QuickBooks Connect event in San Jose was an amazing event.

More than 50 speakers, panelists, and performers shared their passion and expertise November 5th through the 7th. There were many incredible breakout sessions designed to help accounting professionals and small business owners.

A few of the over 150 varied breakouts offered included:

• Ninja Warrior Strategy for Accountants: How to Rule Your Niche
• Using TSheets with QuickBooks Online Payroll
• Knowing Your Worth: The Link between Self Esteem and Value Pricing
• Influencing from the Inside Out
• Intentional Onboarding: The Key to Strong Client Relationships
• “Yes! And…”The Art of Engaging Customer Dialogue
• How to Become an Inspiring (and Profitable!) Practice

There was something for every business owner and team member as well as small group discussion groups on social media, leadership, content marketing, speaking and teaching, and technology for accountants.

5000 professionals connected, increased their skills, network, and knowledge while being inspired.

I encourage all my consulting clients to take advantage of conferences like QuickBooks Connect for several key reasons.

Connection matters.

We need to be at one conference per year, and spend time with vendors and colleagues, hearing their ideas, struggles, and encouragement. Professionals need to learn from each other and find out what’s going on in our industry. Having the people on our teams attend these events is valuable, too. They need to hear the same things you are saying- but from other people. Team members can bring their perspectives and experiences to the conference, network with others who share their focus, allowing them to learn and grow. When they get home they can share the knowledge with the rest of the team.

Education matters.

It is important to be exposed to new ideas, even if they make us uncomfortable. Sometimes we need a different perspective and to hear something again. Not every class is new information, but we can glean something from it anyway; in fact, it was Samuel Johnson who said, “People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.”

Planning matters.

Taking the time to work ON our business and not just IN our business is invaluable, and yet so often we don’t take the time to step back. We often get into the weeds of our business and need to take the time to plan, cast a vision, revisit past victories and failures, and learn from both.

Now is the time to plan to attend a conference with your team.

The growth in knowledge, networking and encouragement is invaluable.

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