Practice Ignition Nominates Top 50 Women in Accounting

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Practice Ignition did a poll to find out who were the top women in the accounting industry.

They wanted to know about mentors who encouraged other women to be the very best they could be. I am truly honored to be nominated. Thank you to the Practice Ignition team for including me in this very special project.

Being a

Grow your business through events like QuickBooks Connect.

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Carla Caldwell at QuickBooks Conference

The November 2018 QuickBooks Connect event in San Jose was an amazing event.

More than 50 speakers, panelists, and performers shared their passion and expertise November 5th through the 7th. There were many incredible breakout sessions designed to help accounting professionals and small business owners.

A few of the over 150 varied breakouts offered included:

Should My Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm Serve a Niche Market?

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Black and white desk top with Find Your Niche written on it

As I speak with accountants and bookkeepers across the country, I hear many say that they feel stretched thin trying to serve a wide variety of clients.

Their clients are individuals, non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations. Each business is so different and it’s stressful to keep

Brain Breaks at the Office

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Brain Breaks at the OfficeTaking regular brain breaks can help you stay strong and push to the finish line!

Small business owners work hard each day and get bogged down in tasks that take extended concentration. CPA and accounting professionals are especially worn out as deadlines approach, but also in the summer when tackling projects that were postponed

The Right Way to Measure Success in Your Accounting Firm

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measure success

Mark Miller, a Chick-Fil-A executive, says, “Nothing improves without measurement.” Anyone who has eaten at a Chick-Fil-A has experienced the improvements the restaurant has made to the fast-food scene. These improvements have brought success. Although the fast-food chain doesn’t have as many locations as McDonald’s or Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A has significantly outperformed the competition on revenue