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Training your Business for a Half-Marathon

I began training for a half-marathon recently.  I am not sure why I said yes, since I hate running.  I don’t mind exercising, and quite enjoy going for hikes and long walks, but running?  Not so much.  Then I learned about several apps that help train and coach you throughout the process.  I have just completed about 4 months of training in an 8 week program (not a typo).  The interesting thing is how much I am enjoying it. And how much it has reminded me about business.

1. You need an encourager.  Whether you have an app, a live person, or a friend to challenge you to get you out on a day when you’d rather be in bed, you need someone to encourage you to keep going.  As entrepreneurs, this is often dismissed, and they think they can go it alone.  Don’t.

2. You need to invest in the fundamentals.  There are some things you can live without when running, but not shoes.  And you need to have a good, well-fitting pair.  In business, you need to have a good accounting system, that works for your business.   Sometimes we think it’s one size fits all, but that is not the case.  Just like your shoes, get someone to help you fit the right one for you.

3.  You need some accessories.  From water bottles to socks, there are extra things that will make running more enjoyable and prevent issues.  Again, the same holds true for business. Get some recommendations and do some research on software applications, consultants and vendors.  Take time to determine where you need help, then try things out for yourself and find out what works for you.

4. Invest in some help.  It is so much easier for someone to see how your running form is and to give you tips on getting better.  When you are looking for that person, you’re likely going to look for someone who has done some running and likes to teach or help others.  Look for the same for your business- someone who has a successful business of their own and likes to teach and see other thrive.

5. Don’t forget to rest.  Your body needs time to heal, and so does your mind.  In an over-connected world, take time to recharge yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Remember why you are doing what you are doing.

I am sure many runners are reading this and think I have missed a million things that runners know.  But another lesson I am learning is to start out slow.  And don’t quit.

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