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Tax Season is Over; Now What? Focusing your Business with 4DX Principles 3 and 4

It’s after tax season and you see the need to improve your workflow practices before next tax season begins. Don’t wait until next January! Now is the time to focus your business with the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX).

Once you have chosen your wildly important goal (discipline 1) and have identified your lead measures (discipline 2), you will need a way to track your progress and keep everyone motivated. That’s not easy to do.  Too often companies launch a big goal only to see interest wane and the fire fizzle out before any progress was made.

But 4DX goals are successful because there are a compelling scoreboard and a cadence of accountability.

Discipline 3

Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

Out of sight, out of mind is exactly why there needs to be a compelling scoreboard. Post a scoreboard that tracks the lead measures in a place where everyone can see it. Make sure you are tracking actions that can be done by the employees in the present so the lead measure is within their control. It does no good to track last quarter’s sales on the scoreboard. There is nothing that can be done about that today.

Seeing the scoreboard and knowing there is something you can do to move it is motivating for every member of the team but especially for visual learners.

Discipline 4

Cadence of accountability

In addition to the scoreboard, your team will be kept on track through weekly 15 minute meetings. The 15-minute meetings provide a cadence of accountability because:

·       Their regularity keeps up the motivation. Don’t ever skip a meeting! If you cannot be there, let it be led by someone else to keep the momentum going.

·       The meetings will be focused. Only the wildly important goal is to be discussed during that time.

·       During the meeting, each member will make a commitment to what they can do that week to get the team closer to the goal. Because each member is stating their own commitment to action, they will be intrinsically motivated to accomplish the action.

·       The meeting will provide an opportunity for team members to report on the commitment they made the previous week.

·       The meeting can also be used to develop new lead measures to meet the goal if the current ones are not working.

·       15-minute meetings are effective without being time-consuming. Use a timer in order to stay within the time frame.

·       Other business is not discussed during the meeting. This maintains the focused intensity. If other issues come up, schedule a separate time to take care of those concerns.

The basic rhythm of the compelling scoreboard and accountability meetings has been used time and time again to move a company forward to accomplish their goals.  Organizations like Marriott International and the Department of Human Services for the State of Georgia have successfully employed 4DX with outstanding results. But your firm does not need to be large in order for 4DX to work. Companies of all sizes can use 4DX. In fact, you can even use the principles in your personal life to achieve a wildly important goal.


If you need help envisioning a compelling scoreboard or creating a cadence of accountability, I am ready and willing to join you in developing the 4DX steps that are right for your accounting team. Contact me today.

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