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MSM Advisors and the Four Disciplines of Executions: Implementing the Solution

MSM Advisors, a well-known CPA firm, expressed their need for changes to their management systems so they could serve their clients more efficiently. They specifically needed a new system for managing their projects, emails, and remote team members.

After I met with them to hear their needs, I offered a variety of solutions. One advantage to being an independent consultant is that I do not receive any residual income from any one software or systems company. Therefore, I am free to share several different systems that I thought would be best for managing their projects.  Once MSM Advisors reviewed several of the systems, they selected Karbon to meet their practice management needs.

I also discussed the Principles of 4DX and how intense focus on one Wildly Important Goal was needed in order to achieve the goal.

MSM Advisors agreed that they also needed to create Lead Measures so that there were specific and measurable steps to take in order to meet their goal.

Including a Compelling Scoreboard and a Cadence of Accountability was not a problem since MSM was already holding weekly team meetings before the implementation of the project. Now that they knew about 4DX, there came additional clarity and focus for these weekly team meetings.

For MSM, Karbon proved to be a natural complement to implementing the 4DX principles. Karbon presents the projects in such a way that the team members are focused on one goal at a time. There is also a “scoreboard” for a project showing the percentage of completion. And there is accountability by looking at a list of daily tasks, for not only the team member but by everyone in the firm.

MSM Advisors is amazed at how smoothly Karbon and 4DX are working to improve the workflow of their business. Now their time and energy can be fully used to meet their client’s needs rather than fighting through an inefficient system – and moving on to the Wildly Important Goal that will take their firm to even higher levels of success.

MSM Advisors is not alone in their need for help in managing projects, email, and remote team members.

These are common needs for small businesses that are constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of their clients. Caldwell Consulting & Training wants to see you emerge stronger through the growing pains of your business. With the heart of a teacher, Carla will listen to your needs and present solutions so that you can serve your clients with excellence. Schedule your 30-minute or 60-minute meeting with Carla to see how you can implement the best solutions for your business.


Carla Caldwell is the owner of Caldwell Consulting & Training.  Carla works with business owners (especially non-profits) to bridge the gap between growing business and specific accounting solutions.

She also helps accounting and bookkeeping firms implement the tools that help them to be more successful- from value pricing to process development to the apps that support their systems.  Learn why companies are utilizing Caldwell Consulting & Training, to get better organized, more efficient systems and stronger results.

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