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What, not How

At a recent Leadercast seminar, Andy Stanley shared a few important ideas about Vision.  His first thought was “Vision is a mental picture of a what, not a how.”  This is really powerful when applied to your own life and your business.  It allows you to change the how when new techniques, methods, processes or technology comes along.  It doesn’t limit you to how you are going to get where you are going, because your vision is simply stating the target or aim.  This really opens the door to creativity and innovation.

The other main idea about Vision that stuck with me was a short list on how to make Vision “stick”:

  1. State it simply.  Engage the heart, and make it memorable.
  2. Cast it convincingly.  State the problem, offer the solution, and explain why.
  3. Repeat it regularly.  Repeat it regularly.
  4. Celebrate it systematically.  What’s rewarded is repeated.

When so many people and companies are looking for ways to set themselves apart, a clearly stated vision can make the difference.  Take some time to create that mental picture, and then take the steps to make it stick- not only for yourself, but for others to follow.

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