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What do you value?

Have you ever taken time to list out very specifically what you value?  What really matters to you?  Why you are working the long hours?  Take a moment literally right now to list out your top 5 values.  (I’ll leave you some space to do that.)






Now, think about your day.  Does your calendar look like you value those things?  Look at your bank account.  Are your values reflected there?

This week I was reminded that I don’t need to add more to my already-full calendar – I need to delete some things.  If I value my children, then I need to leave my cell phone in the other room (and turn it on silent).   If I value my husband, then I need to carve out time to things with him that he enjoys doing.  If I value being healthy, then I need to exercise and (gulp) quit eating (so much) chocolate.  At work, if I value my relationships with my clients, then I need to invest in those relationships.

It is hard to balance everything to be sure, but with a clear set of values, I am reminded once again what is important.  I can use this as a litmus test to say no to good things, so I can say yes to the best things.  I can quit reacting, and have more time to do what is important.

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