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What Bookkeepers Need from CPAs during Busy Deadlines

gold barsWhat do Bookkeepers Need from CPAs during Busy Deadlines?

A good bookkeeper is worth his weight in gold.


Whether he is in-house or outsourced, a good bookkeeper doesn’t just crunch the numbers, but he understands how what he does fits into the big picture. He keeps up-to-date on new technologies. He is trustworthy, detailed, and accurate in his work.

CPAs benefit from the time-saving measures the bookkeeper puts in place.

They also live a lot less stressed when the bookkeeper is able to keep up with recording the cash flow of the business.

But during a busy deadline season like tax season, bookkeepers work extra hard to stay on top of their game.

In return, CPAs should make sure that the bookkeepers receive a generous helping of support and appreciation.

How to Support Your Bookkeeper

  • bookkeeper on phoneTake initiative to ask the bookkeeper what she needs. Give her a call or send her an email to let them know that you are available to them in case they have a question or need a piece of information. Don’t always leave it up to the bookkeeper to initiate contact with you.
  • Be specific. When do you need that information? What is the exact information that you need? Your bookkeeper is not a mind reader. Make sure you are crystal clear about your expectations.

How to Appreciate Your Bookkeeper

  • Provide lunch, but not sandwiches or pizza! Your bookkeeper has already had plenty of fast food during the busy deadline time. Instead, bring in a real meal. Bonus if it is home cooked!
  • Eat together. Don’t just provide the lunch, but use the mealtime to have a conversation. Make sure your discussion allows you to get to know one another instead of turning into another work-related meeting. Showing personal interest can let your bookkeeper know that he is valuable and noticed.
  • Acknowledge the bookkeeper’s best work in front of peers. Those who go unnoticed feel unappreciated. During a meeting or an announcement time, verbally thank and recognize the bookkeeper for her hard work. You can even thank your bookkeeper on social media to let everyone know what a great job she is doing!
  • Send a handwritten thank you note. If your bookkeeper doesn’t like to be the center of attention, share what you would say to the group in a personal card.

Carla Caldwell

Bookkeepers and CPAs are on the same team.

Support and appreciation can go a long way to making the team perform at its best for the client.

Check out Carla’s website for more practical tips on how to get through this year’s tax season. Would you like to set up an appointment to speak with Carla? Click here.

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