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Be Still.

The day after Christmas my family and I loaded up and headed out on a much needed break.  There is still so much to do and yet it was time to do nothing.  On our first morning, I woke up at my usual pre-dawn hour thinking of my to-do list and lamenting the lack of internet.  Then the sun began to rise.

As I looked out the window, the lake was perfectly still- not a single ripple to be seen.  A few birds sang nearby, a frog croaked and a (hopefully small) alligator no doubt swam silently nearby.  A mist hung low over the lake giving it a soft glow.  A scrub oak leaned slightly into the view, with a bit of Spanish moss hanging motionless.  The sun began to cast yellow and orange onto the scene as the day came to life.

This was a perfect setting to think – to reflect on what’s most important – to mourn the losses of the year – to celebrate the victories.  And to look ahead with hope.  It reminded me, too, of all I have to be thankful for.  I have a wonderful family, friends and colleagues around the US and the world who encourage me, challenge me and support me.  I also have the opportunity to serve others in a business I love.  I am grateful for the privilege of consulting with amazing people and organizations that are pursuing excellence.

As 2016 closes out, I hope you, too, will take some time away (even if you stay home).  Plan.  Dream.  Think.  Be still.

Happy New Year!

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