Small Firms

Caldwell Consulting and Training works with small accounting firms to assist them as they streamline their processes to be more efficient and effective as they work with their clients.

We provide two types of coaching:


Our One-On-One Coaching tailors everything we do for you based on things specific to you and your organization.

One-One One Is About:
  • Your goals
  • Your processes
  • Your applications
  • Your systems
  • Your services for your client
  • How you want to price
  • How you want to serve your clients

We will focus our coaching sessions to work directly with you.

We identify all the way from the beginning by defining our purpose and our mission, our values, and our strategy, all the way through to the execution of that in how we price, objectives for marketing and the way that we might select even a niche market for your firm.

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Coaching Connection

The other option we have is group coaching – Our Coaching Connection. It’s more cost effective for many.

We cover specific topics each month addressed to meet the needs of our members while providing a sense of community with other like-minded professionals.

Group Coaching includes:
  • Exclusive content.
  • Exclusive training video library that will give you access to specific information on apps that you may not be familiar with, or deeper dives into some you may already know.
  • Discuss integrations between applications as well as pricing and value propositions.
  • Cover Marketing and other types of topics each month in Coaching Connection.
  • Discuss books that correspond to these topics. While you may not want to read every one of those books, we will provide video recaps of the books we recommend.  Then if you decide that that’s a book that works for you, you’ll know that you want to read it.

Coaching Connection gives you a community of like-minded professionals.  In a group environment, you will have coaching and access to a training library that covers not just technical aspects, but other industry ideas, solutions, and issues that can affect you as a firm.

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